Art, Wine & Jazz events


Art, Wine & Jazz events bring the atmosphere and enjoyment of an outdoor Art, Wine, & Jazz festival, indoors to your venue establishment, which can range from large and spacious venues, to small and intimate living rooms.


Founded in Aug of 2016, AW&J events has an Artist network & a supporting AW&J Social Club of 500+ members looking to particpate and attend your public events!


Imagine your establishment, venue, or even your home delighting your guests with a most unique and memorable occasion. Art that is intentionally placed in your venue and attractively displayed, creates an inviting and uplifting atmosphere. While your guests enjoy the visual beauty of art, the sounds of live music appeal to their sense of hearing, and their sense of smell and taste is satisfied by fine wines. Together these elements create a delightful experience.


We will provide your winery, country club, hotel, or venue the perfect compliment to your next wine tasting social event. We can organize and customize your event appropriately with a planned number of artists and artwork displays, live music that includes a tailored sound system to fit your venue no matter how big or small.


Please enjoy video highlights below from our Art, Wine, & Jazz events held at the Walnut Creek Marriott.


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If video screen is black, please refreash the page to load videos. Video and audio recording by George Glover

Nita Press Kit

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Photo by Mike Oria

George Press Kit

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Photo by Gina Glover

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